Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10/24-10/30: Halloween

The week leading up to Halloween was filled with excitement in my suite! My roommates and I all got Halloween care packages from our families and we decorated the suite with Halloween lights, signs, and even pumpkins! One of my roommates, Jade, lives in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont (about an hour and a half away) and her parents brought us each a pumpkin with our name engraved into it!

To start off the week, I took a picture for the school's HerCampus club that was promoting self-love last week in Alliot. Why am I beautiful? I'm beautiful because I love taco salad!!

My friends, Aaron and Sam, took the easy route and decided to dress up as Drake and Josh for Halloween. They went around saying, "Hug me brotha!"
My friend Jake (also the president for the Class of 2019) and I went as a firefighter and a dalmation. I tried my hardest too look more like a dalmation than a cow while still being on a college budget.
Here's the cute pumpkin Jade's parents made me! They told us that if you scrape the name into the pumpkin when it is little, then the name will grow as the pumpkin does!

That's all for my Halloween week, but I hope everyone had a great and safe time celebrating (without any clowns)! My other favorite costumes I saw on campus throughout the weekend were the cast of Stranger Things, a group of bananas, and Judge Judy!

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