Monday, October 24, 2016

10/17-10/23: Laughter

To finish up the 4 day weekend, I decided to go home for the night on Monday when I got back from Massachusetts. I longed for a Dairy Center breakfast with my grandparents in my hometown. I spent the day on Tuesday admiring the view from my house and the Vermont foliage before heading back to school that night to watch my roommate play in their home Volleyball game. My week was filled with laughter with my friends as we talked about what we did over the long weekend and prepared for the weekend to come.

This pictures doesn't do Vermont justice, but I think it shows it's beauty the best it can in a picture. Here's the view from my house!
I couldn't resist. I had to show another. #ILoVermont

My Uncle works at Ben and Jerry's and is allowed to take home 3 pints a day! Tbh I think that's the only reason my roommates keep me around. (jk, I like to think they like me for more than just the ice cream)
My suite mates and I try to be the best roomies possible and cheer on Sarah at all of her home games!
Campus has started to get very cold. As much as I love Vermont, I wish it didn't get so cold here. I can't believe it's only half way through October and I've already brought out my Bean Boots (which are a must up here in Vermont).
And of course, I couldn't leave my blog off without a picture of me with  at least one dog. Here's my best friend from home's dogs that I saw this week! (Kaba and Aquella)

I hope you seeing a little bit about my week!
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