Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/10-10/16: Home

After a stressful week of studying and midterms, it felt great to finally have a four day weekend. I spent the week longing to be anywhere but studying, and looking forward to my trip down to Massachusetts to visit my boyfriend's family. After leaving his house, I realized how much I missed my own family and decided to go home for a night before classes started up again. I guess it isn't all that bad living only an hour away from campus.

Here's a couple snapshots of what I did throughout the week leading up to the October break!

I'm thankful for my suite mate, Sarah,  and our random trips to Al's French Fries for fries and chocolate milkshakes.

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, and also is one of the reasons I gained the Freshmen 15 last year. Thank you Alliot for always having it on hand.

A bunch of my friends and I went to the Volleyball game against Southern New Hampshire University to watch our friends kill it in the game! We printed out embarrassing pictures of Sarah to cheer her on.

I carpooled to Groveland, MA to meet my boyfriend's family (and dog, Oliver) for the first time!
And of course, it wouldn't be a Day in the Life of Natalie Jackson without a picture of myself and a dog. Featured here is the puppy that my boyfriend's friend just got. Stella is absolutely adorable!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how my week went! If you're interested in seeing it day-by-day check me out on social media. Feel free to email me with any questions you have as well!

Email: njackson@mail.smcvt.edu
Snapchat: natalierj
Instagram: @natjackski
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