Monday, October 3, 2016

Back-to-School Festivities

With the excitement of the first month back at school, I have been so busy with getting back into my school routine and reconnecting with friends. Here are some snapshots of how great the first month back went!

Last year my roommate (and now best friend) and I were randomly selected to live together. Our friendship began in Joyce 411. We became so obsessed with each other that we decided to live together again with two of our other friends in Quad Commons! This picture is from move in day!

Since I came from a small town, home means so much to me. My favorite way to bring my hometown to my new home is through pictures, hence why I have so many in my room.

After the first week of classes, some of my friends from the volleyball team and myself went hiking at Jay Peak. On the way back to school, we stopped at my house for my Mom's delicious taco salad and apple crisp. To give them a true taste of a Vermonter's life I took them out for a ride on my family's side-by-side Ranger.
This month I received an award for my excellence in Calculus 1 last year! Hard work really does pay off!
I could not be happier living with such a great group of friends. As we are all members of the honor's program, we decided to live in honor's housing in Quad Commons because we had such a great experience in the honor's housing last year where we all met! Joyce 4 South moves to Quad Commons 2!
Even though I only live an hour away from campus, I don't go home often and was very excited when my parents came to visit me for parent's weekend. My parents treated my friends and I to dinner and a cruise on Lake Champlain for the night!
Living in college is a struggle sometimes because of the lack of dogs on campus. As I am clearly a dog activist, I couldn't help but share at least one picture of a rare dog spotting in my blog. 
This month I went Sea Kayaking on Lake Champlain with the Adventure Sports Program! This was my first time participating in one of their adventures but I can guarantee I will definitely be doing another. It was so much fun!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how my first month back went! To keep updated on my adventures at St. Mike's feel free to follow me on my other social media accounts!

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