Monday, October 10, 2016

10/3-10/9: Love

Looking back on my week, I realize how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a fun, loving community. My week started off great with tons of homemade goodies from my roommates' parents. Since I live in a suite with three roommates that all have the best parents around, we tend to indulge on maybe too many sweets (Jk, there's no such thing as too many sweets). Now I'd show you a picture of the banana bread, chocolate covered pretzels, apple caramel dessert, chocolate chip cookie bars, freshly picked apples, cinnamon buns, and homemade salsa, but unfortunately (and I'm super embarrassed to say this), everything was gone within two days... Is the sophomore 15 a thing? 'Cause if it isn't, it will be after I'm done the school year. Note to self: continue to go to all of my team's intramural soccer games to help work off the sweets.

Matt Doyle '19 published some great pictures from the Cross Country race hosted by St. Mikes. Although I'm not an athlete, I still made the pictures because I'm quite the enthusiastic fan (I try to be the biggest fan for my roommates. One plays volleyball and one runs cross country). You can check out all of his great photos here, but for now, enjoy this one of SMC's biggest fan, aka, myself.

This week a friend of mine from my freshmen seminar class last year sent me this snapchat. He spotted Rob (the greatest stir fry maker Sedexo ever did hire in Alliot). Rob now works at Union Jack's on Shelburne Rd. if anybody is interested in going to visit him!

Later in the week I had the privilege of welcoming perspective students at St. Mike's October open house. Mike the Knight made a guest appearance, and looks absolutely stunning if I do say so myself.

Even though I only live an hour away from home, I don't go home at all. I believe it's hard for people to make friends at school if they go home too much, so I rarely do. I'm blessed to have a Mom that takes such great pictures of my home just to send to my siblings and I so that we never forget where we came from. Look at this exceptionally beautiful picture she sent my way.
Fall in Enosburg Falls, Vermont is always the most beautiful.

In light of the fall season, a couple of friends of mine from the volleyball team and myself decided to explore the area. Like usual, we took a trip downtown to Church Street. Church Street is one of my favorite places because I am guaranteed to see dogs and eat kettle corn. This week was especially better than usual on Church Street because I saw a corgi, my absolute favorite dog there is!
Natalie's favorite foods: kettle corn, Ben & Jerry's milk and cookies ice cream, Mom's taco salad, chicken parm, and cheesecake

This perfect dog's name is Lucy!

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